Torbay Youth Sailing Trust (TYST) is pleased to offer a selection of dinghies and stand up paddle boards for low-cost hire exclusively to Royal Torbay Yacht Club (RTYC) members. Juniors must be accompanied by a safety boat, adults may sail at their own risk without a safety boat present. If parents are hiring equipment for juniors, it is their responsibility to arrange appropriate safety boat cover.

Adults hiring dinghies must have RYA Level 2 or above and juniors must have RYA Stage 2 or above.

By hiring the equipment, you are responsible for an insurance excess of £200 in the event of any damage. Any defects must be reported to the RTYC office or the Beachmaster during racing events. TYST is not liable for damage of your own equipment.

You are expected to locate, rig (where required), launch and recover the equipment by yourself without assistance. After your hire you must pack the equipment away and secure the cover (where required).

All hires are for daylight hours only, no equipment must be afloat after sunset.

All hired dinghies must remain within the operating area marked on the map above, unless they are taking part in an organised competition with safety boat cover. Stand-up paddle boards must remain within 200 metres of the shoreline within the operating area.


Legal Stuff

Cancellation by you

In the event you need to cancel your hire, the following charges will apply:

Period before hire starts Cancellation fee
14 days or more Nil
7-13 days 20%
3-6 days 40%
2 days 50%
24 hours or less 100%

Cancellation due to poor weather

In the event of cancellation either by you or us due to poor weather, we will endeavour to provide you with a mutually convenient alternative slot within fourteen days. If a mutually convenient slot cannot be provided we will refund you for the unused time.

Cancellation by us

In the event we cancel your hire for any reason other than weather, we will refund your hire in full. Our liability for cancellation is limited only to the amount you have paid to hire the boat.

Safety Equipment

We do not provide any safety equipment as a part of the hire. You must provide your own buoyancy aid which must be worn at all times whilst afloat on dinghies or paddle boards.

Medical Conditions

You must be medically fit to hire the equipment.


By hiring any equipment you agree to all of the above applicable terms.

Please ensure you have read and understand the "Legal stuff" on this page before proceeding.

If your booking requires payment, please ensure you pay online within 30 minutes or your booking will be automatically cancelled.